Dungarvan Stemware Collection

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The Dungarvan Stemware Collection design has been inspired by my home town of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford , Ireland.

It is an old port town guarded and watched over by King John's Castle established circa 1209. The design incorporates the "uprights" representative of the slits in the caslte walls where the soldiers would protect the castle from intruders and the "cross cut" design representative of the crossed swords.

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Dungarvan Goblet Height 208mm Approx
€ 60.00
Dungarvan Continental Champagne Height 240mm Approx
€ 60.00
Dungarvan 10oz Tumbler Height 84mm Approx
€ 50.00
Dungarvan 12oz Tumbler Height 108mm Approx
€ 53.00
Dungarvan Hi-Ball Tumbler Height 141mm Approx
€ 55.00
Dungarvan Brandy Balloon Height 130mm Approx
€ 60.00
Dungarvan Shot Glass Height 60mm Approx
€ 30.00
Dungarvan 3/4pt Beer/Ice Beverage Height 150mm Approx
€ 60.00
Dungarvan Martini Height 185mm Approx
€ 60.00
Dungarvan Port/Sherry Height 158mm Approx
€ 55.00

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