Please view just a few examples of the hundreds of Testimonials that we have received over the years from satisified Customers.

Bonnie and Pat Millican, Bend, Texas, USA.

"Iona Crystal offers something that we have found to be especially nice: we can have our own design, registered to our family! When we order gifts for weddings, family events, or holiday giving we can be assured that the pieces will be unique and of highest quality."

Stephenie Huggins,Wadesboro,North Carolina, USA.

"I have recently given birth to my first child, a son, and as a gift to help honor his birth my mother and father in-law gave my husband and I an Iona Vase in our chosen family pattern. This was a very special way to help us commemorate Thomas' birth. I will always cherish the beautiful vase as a reminder of the day my son was born. This uniquely cut vase is something that I have as a keepsake to be able to pass down to my son someday. I am grateful to my in-laws for the gift and will remember their love and thoughtfulness."

Frances Ann Williamson,Wadesboro,North Carolina, USA.

"Beautiful things catch our eyes and hold our attention. Crystal is no exception, we explore the light reflecting on the deep cuts enjoying the refection of what appears to be many diamonds. November, 2006 I went to a showing of IONA crystal in North Carolina. It was amazing. The crystal was breathtaking, sparkling like stars on a dark night. I stood and admired the beautiful pieces of crystal. Which do I want to purchase - a vase, lamp, bowl, or punch bowl and cups? There is a story behind each piece. I was amazed. The punch bowl and cups were purchased. It is now in my dining room. I often admire the beautiful workmanship of the piece as it shimmers from the many cuts. The punch bowl and cups will be used at the christening of my first grandchild in April. What a wonderful day that will be with many memories and traditions beginning for our extended family! IONA will be a part of that wonderful day. "

Sylvia Huggins, Chesterfield, South Carolina, USA

"As a lover and collector of fine crystal I was amazed when I saw my first piece of Iona crystal !!! My husband and I have been buying and collecting crystal for many years but this is much prettier and nicer than any that we previously owned. I was very impressed with the brillance and deep cuts on this crystal. Each piece is hand cut and polished and gleams like diamonds! The fact that we were able to have our own family pattern was something that appealed to us also. We have been fortunate enough to purchase several pieces of Iona and it was a pleasure dealing with this company. The service is great and you can't buy a better, or more beautiful, crystal."